‘Wonder Woman’ fans are loving Lynda Carter’s response to viral Waffle House fight

Now we know where Wonder Woman learned her legendary fighting skills.

Lynda Carter, who played the iconic superhero on television in the 1970s, weighed in on a viral video of a fight at a Waffle House in Texas with a hilarious tweet on Dec. 29.

“I trained at Waffle House,” she wrote above an old clip of her punching through a chair as Wonder Woman against a villain on the show.

Carter, 71, was referring to a clip of a fight at a Waffle House in Austin in which a female employee deftly catches a chair with one hand that an unruly patron whipped across the counter at her.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. (Alamy Stock Photo)

She easily discards the chair while still holding a frying pan in her right hand, and later throws some punches after patrons come over the counter to attack her.

A Twitter user brought the wild scene to Carter’s attention.

“I did not catch anything…but clearly she did?” Carter joked.

“Wonder Woman” fans delighted in Carter’s tweet, including the official account for DC Comics, the publisher of Wonder Woman comics, which may be ready to add Waffle House training to the character’s lore.

“Canon,” DC Comics tweeted.

“Nonstop legend,” actor Seth Green tweeted.

“You are a gift to the universe,” author Dr. Sarah Parcak tweeted.

“Best tweet of 2022 comes in at the last week,” one fan wrote.

Just in case Waffle House needs any employee training videos, Carter tweeted in August that she always has her Wonder Woman costume on standby.

“It’s really more of a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ situation,” she wrote. Or, we assume, in case she visits a Waffle House anytime soon.

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