‘WoF’ viewers left puzzled during Pat Sajak’s 40th ann. episode

celebrated 40 years since he hosted his very first episode of Tuesday night. Earlier in the day, Pat’s daughter Maggie Sajak first tweeted:

While Pat sent out a tweet not long after reminiscing about what was happening four decades ago:

However, fans of the show were left confused following Tuesday night’s episode because there was no mention of Pat’s 40th anniversary during the entire show whatsoever.

And that wasn’t the only puzzling moment Tuesday. During the Bonus Round, when contestant Eric Morgan solved the puzzle, “Whole Wheat Pasta,” he started his answer saying “I think, uh…” which viewers at home thought would cost him the win.

In case you missed it, last week fans were upset over a technicality, which cost contestant Charlene Rubush an Audi Q3, after she paused for a few seconds before saying the last word of the phrase. However, after viewers called out for WoF to still give Rubush the car, and campaigned on Twitter, Audi took notice and ultimately gifted Rubush with a Q3 as a consolation prize. And on Tuesday, some thought they were going to have to launch another Twitter campaign, but were surprised Morgan didn’t get “dinged.”

So maybe didn’t say jack about Pat’s 40th anniversary, but the episode still ended on a high note as Morgan walked away with a Mazda MX-30 and $59,150 in overall winnings.

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Watch ‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans getting upset with yet another technicality, this time costing the contestant an Audi:

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