What will they realistically do at shortstop, first base?

Matt Olson admires home run shot in grey A’s uniform

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What do you see Yankees realistically doing re: shortstop, 1B? I figure they’ll keep Hicks in CF and Sanchez at C? — @mort2205

Shortstop and first base are interrelated for the Yankees. It is probable that they will add an impact bat at one of those positions, which will affect how they fill the other.

The following people are possible acquisitions for the Yankees: Freddie Freeman, Anthony Rizzo, Matt Olson, Matt Chapman, Andrelton Simmons, Trevor Story and Carlos Correa.

Those aren’t all the possibilities, but it’s a large enough sample to tell the larger story.

If the Yanks sign Freeman or trade for Olson, it becomes far more likely that they sign a defense-first shortstop like Simmons. If Rizzo or Luke Voit ends up at first, an impact bat at short makes more sense.

They’ll stay engaged on Correa, but it’s hard to see them shelling out a $300 million mega-contract for him. Maybe if his market somehow craters, which it probably won’t. Could Story lose the game of shortstop musical chairs and take a short-term deal?

With so many moving parts in trade and free agency, it’s doubtful that even Brian Cashman knows how the two positions will shake out.

Because of the team’s organizational depth at short — both Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza project as quality major leaguers, though it’s still early — it would be easier to sign a stopgap at short rather than spend resources there.

Keep in mind, they also want to lock up Aaron Judge.

And to the second part of your question, yeah – Aaron Hicks and Gary Sanchez are probably on the team this year.