WFT teammates fight each other on sideline after bad start

The Washington Football Team couldn’t stop the Dallas Cowboys in the first half. They couldn’t move the ball either. 

WFT was being blown out, and that was embarrassing enough. Then two teammates started fighting on the sideline. 

Defensive linemen Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen were sitting on the bench after another Cowboys touchdown. Payne was arguing with Allen, Allen was clearly trying to not react when Payne poked him in the head. That led to Allen getting up swinging. 

Fight between teammates happen, but it was still a bad look all around. Oh, and the two are college teammates from Alabama. 

NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya said she didn’t know what started the fight, but made a vague comment about there being a reference to their “long history together,” and that it seemed like Payne was “extremely angry at Allen.” 

Payne was seen steaming on the bench long after Allen swung at him. The two were back on the field playing on the line next to each other the next time Dallas got the ball. 

It has been a frustrating season in many ways for Washington. At least most of the worst moments were happening on the field and not the sideline. 

Washington Football Team defensive tackles Jonathan Allen (93) and Daron Payne (94) had an altercation on the sideline. (Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)