Watch Steph Curry take on a theme park basketball game and prove how rigged it is

Even one of the greatest shooters in NBA history struggles with the theme park basketball game.

Fresh off winning his fourth NBA title and first NBA Finals MVP, a video posted to Twitter shows Steph Curry attempting his luck at the 3-point shooting contest game, which features three racks of four shots that includes one money ball.

While Curry drained all three money balls, he connected on 5 of 12 shots with his misses — especially from the top of the key — showcasing just how loose the rim was and proving how carnival basketball games are rigged.

According to, Curry was likely at Great America in Santa Clara, California.

Check out his performance below:

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry accompanied by his wife Ayesha, left, holds the Larry O’Brien trophy during the NBA Championship parade in San Francisco, Monday, June 20, 2022, in San Francisco.