Watch as mom stuns Nashville saloon when performer hands her a fiddle. ‘I got chills’

A mom visiting a saloon in Tennessee had an unexpected moment in the spotlight after she was handed a fiddle by the live band performing.

TikToker Olivia Reeths recorded as her mom Sue Kittredge unraveled her scarf, took the performer’s fiddle and proceeded to astound the audience in Whiskey Bent Saloon in Nashville with an on-the-spot solo.

“They didn’t expect her to absolutely shred,” Reeths said in her TikTok.

And shred Kittredge did — even adding a lick of glissandi at the end of her solo as a cherry on top.

The audience at the bar cheered in the background and one man jokingly led the band’s fiddler to the door after hearing the mom play.

The video has gotten nearly 6 million views on TikTok.

“Your momma went down to Georgia,” Yung Gravy, the rapper and notorious online romancer of moms, wrote on Reeths’ TikTok.

“I love when stuff like this happens,” another said. “Perfect example of why music makes the world go round.”

Reeths said her mom is classically trained before she met her dad, who introduced her to country and bluegrass. Now the two have their own band called Coconut Radio Band.

According to the band’s website, Kittredge has been nominated for one of five Trop Rock female performers nationwide twice and has been playing music with her husband from the Florida Keys to Chicago since they met in 1992.

“She’s insane and incredibly talented,” their daughter Reeths said in the comments of her TikTok video.

“In a coat and everything…I got chills,” one viewer said.

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