Taliban asks for international aid after catastrophic earthquake in Afghanistan

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Afghan authorities scramble to reach earthquake zone

STORY: Villagers in a remote part of eastern Afghanistan climb over piles of rubble, looking for valuables.This is all that remains of their homes after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck early on Wednesday (June 22) killing at least 1,000 people and injuring hundreds.The quake hit about 100 miles southeast of Kabul, in the eastern province of Paktika, near the border with Pakistan.The area consists of arid mountains dotted with small settlements.Aid is slowly trickling in but poor communication and a lack of proper roads are hampering the relief effort.Hospitals are overflowing with people in need of treatment and a doctor said ambulances were in short supply to move patients around.The rescue operation is a major test for the Taliban, who took over last August when U.S.-led forces withdrew.The country is already grappling with a humanitarian crisis.According to the health ministry, as of Thursday morning (June 23) about 1,000 people had been rescued from affected areas.Meanwhile, villagers are burying their many dead. Victims of the deadliest quake in Afghanistan since 2002.