Stephen A. Smith gives Sean Marks a round of applause for comments on Kyrie Irving

With Kyrie Irving looking for a lucrative contract extension as he’s expected to enter a player-option year with the Brooklyn Nets, general manager Sean Marks delivered a message to Irving in his end-of-season press conference this week.

When asked about Irving’s future with the team, Marks said that the organization wants to have players “that want to be a part of something bigger than themselves,” and “be available.” Irving played only 29 games in the regular season this year, and has averaged 34.3 starts per season in three years with the Nets.

According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Marks’ comments were perfect.

“About time. Thank God, thank God Sean Marks said what he needed to say. We know who that was for. We know what that was about. That’s exactly what needed to be said. We need people who are going to be here and be available. It’s that simple.

…. The sad part is all of this noise is being made because we want to see him play. That’s all we want, and that’s what Sean Marks said. And I’m down for that.”


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