Sex offender caught in apartment naked, wearing child’s shoes

A Tennessee woman says she came home to find a naked sex offender in her apartment – wearing nothing but her daughter’s shoes.

Michael Tyler Henegar, 27, was wanted by police after allegedly violating the sex offender registry when he tried to rob a Knoxville apartment while there were children in the house, WVLT-TV reported.

Henegar may have gotten in through an unlocked door around noon on Dec. 19, then put a drill and work light into a children’s Scooby Doo bag, according to a police report obtained by the station.

When resident Daphne Crowley came home, she reportedly knocked on the door and once her daughter answered, they noticed Henegar inside wearing nothing but a pair of shoes that Crowley intended to give to her daughter as a Christmas present.

Crowley said she chased Henegar out through the patio and he fled into a wooded area.

“Had I got a hold of him, I was going to beat him,” Crowley said in an interview with the station, showing wooden sticks to the TV camera.

Police later arrested Henegar in a wooded area near the building. It might not have been his first time in the apartment, she said.

Resident Daphne Crowley accused Michael Tyler Henegar of robbing her daughter’s “brand new Jordans.”
Tennessee Sex Offender Registry

“When they found him, he had stuff I knew that I had bought and had been looking,” Crowley told WVLT. “He took my grandkid’s toothbrush, toothpaste, Christmas stuff that we put in stocking stuffers. He took my daughter’s brand new Jordans.”

Crowley said the incident left her shaken, and TV cameras showed she had pushed her couch up against the door as a safety measure in the wake of the bizarre attempted burglary.

The accused had been convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor in 2013. He was charged with violating the registry several times since, including in June, according to the state Sex Offender Registry.