Repeat offender faces up to 107 years in prison for brutal attack on Delaware jewelry store owner

A repeat offender accused of pistol-whipping, hammering and stomping on a jewelry store owner in Wilmington, Delaware, in September was indicted on seven charges on Monday.

Calvin Ushery Jr., 39, was arrested a week after the brutal attack against the Korean American owner of Solid Gold Jewelers on West 9th Street on the morning of Sept. 15.

Security footage of the incident shows a masked man grabbing the 68-year-old store owner, pulling out a gun and pistol-whipping him in the head.

As the helpless victim falls to the ground, the assailant jumps over the display case and repeatedly stomps on his head.

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Reports say the suspect also repeatedly bashed the victim’s head with a hammer. After the vicious assault, he allegedly swiped items on display worth an estimated $100,000.

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Ushery, who was reported to be a repeat offender, was charged with six felonies and a misdemeanor on Monday. These include first-degree robbery (Class B violent felony), first-degree assault (Class B violent felony), two counts of deadly weapon possession during the commission of a felony (Class B violent felony), two counts of deadly weapon possession by a person prohibited (Class F non-violent felony) and criminal mischief (Class A misdemeanor).

If proven guilty, Ushery faces eight to 107 years in prison. In a statement, Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings said the victim and his family deserve “full justice under the law.”

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“This assault was brutal, cowardly, and deeply disturbing. These are major felonies with severe consequences,” Jennings said. “We never choose these charges lightly — but they are completely appropriate under the facts. At 68 years old, the victim was not only robbed of his livelihood but viciously attacked with a deadly weapon and hospitalized with devastating injuries.”

The victim has since been on the road to recovery. His son, Steve Suh, set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe for his medical bills and retirement.

“[Ushery] has a lengthy criminal past and should not be on the streets, where he can terrorize elderly business owners ever again,” Suh said at a press conference last month. “We don’t want any other family to experience what we are going through.”


Featured Image via @DionLimTV, GoFundMe