Rep. Greene suggests a ‘national divorce’ between red and blue states

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene renewed calls for a “national divorce” between red and blue states, arguing that Americans who move to conservative states from California and New York should have a “cooling off” period before they are allowed to vote.

The outspoken GOP congresswoman tweeted her comment Wednesday in response to a thread from a man who said he was moving from the San Francisco Bay area to Miami, and was wary about Florida politics.

Greene, 47, agreed with a Twitter user who supported “discriminating against transplants” by imposing a “sin” tax on them and banning them from the polls “for a period.”

“All possible in a National Divorce scenario,” Greene wrote. “After Democrat voters and big donors ruin a state like California, you would think it wise to stop them from doing it to another great state like Florida. Brainwashed people that move from CA and NY really need a cooling off period.”

In October, Greene conducted a Twitter survey to gauge people’s interest in a “national divorce” between Republican and Democratic-leaning states. The unscientific poll found 48 percent of people wanted the US to stay together, while 43 percent called for a political division and nine percent were undecided. Greene celebrated those who voted to divide the country.

Greene said people from states like California and New York need a “cooling off period” from the polls.
AP Photo/Richard Drew

“So many people tell me daily how devastated they are over the state of our union on every level, and I completely share their utter disgust and heartbreak for the condition of our country,” Greene wrote in October. “National Divorce is talked about often privately, but not publicly, so I took a poll.”

Many Twitter users blasted her comments as promotion of another Civil War, and pointed out that her own historically-Republican state voted for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Greene has been sanctioned by the social media platform at least three times for spreading misinformation.