Rakhmanberdi Torebekov sentenced after raping, decapitating, boiling Ayazhan Edilova’s head

A crazed pharmacist has been sentenced to 25 years behind bars for raping a 19-year-old fashion-design student – then decapitating and boiling her head and ripping out all her teeth, according to a report.

Rakhmanberdi Torebekov, 28, brutalized Ayazhan Edilova in Kazakhstan in March after she apparently went to his apartment in the southeastern city of Almaty to measure him for a suit, East2West News reported.

A surveillance video captured the lunatic ushering his victim into an elevator shortly before unleashing his barbaric attack.

Investigators believe Torebekov raped and murdered Edilova, who worked in a local tailor shop, because she refused his demand for sex, according to the news outlet.

After killing her, Torebekov sought to cover his tracks by beheading her and ripping out her teeth and nails, the court heard.

“When we saw the photographs of the body parts, we saw that each nail was removed, every tooth was knocked out, and all put into separate plastic bags,” said Almat Mulikov, Edilova’s brother.

“Why did he need to do this if he is not a maniac? If he just needed to hide the killing, why did he knock out every tooth and cut out each nail?” he added. “Why did he slowly cut off her head and boil it in water?”

When cops broke into the pharmacist’s apartment after Edilova’s brother raised the alarm, the fiend reportedly sliced his own throat and was rushed to a hospital.

Torebekov later admitted that he scattered his victim’s body parts in trash cans across the city.

Investigators believe Rakhmanberdi Torebekov raped and murdered Ayazhan Edilova, who worked in a local tailor shop, because she refused his demand for sex.
Ayazhan Edilova/ East2west news

“He killed my sister and spent about 24 hours dismembering her body,” Mulikov told local media earlier this year, according to The Sun.

Judge Erkin Maishinov sentenced the depraved killer to 25 years in the slammer.