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Michigan AG believes Republicans who forged election documents will flip

On The Rachel Maddow Show Thursday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel weighed in on the bombshell news that Republicans in several states that President Biden won forged election documents in an attempt to give the election to former President Trump. Individuals in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia posed as electors, and gave the victory in each state to Trump. Everyone involved could face multiple charges and significant jail time, which Nessel believes could persuade some of them to talk, and could expose orchestration from the highest levels of government. “Once those individuals see that they could possibly be facing prison time, I do think we’re gonna see some people flip,” Nessel said, “and we’ll get some further information as to who orchestrated this in the first place, who told these people to do this in exactly this fashion, and I think it may go all the way to the top.” In every instance, the fraudulent documents followed almost the exact same template, leading Nessel to believe the individuals who signed those documents were just part of a bigger plan, which is why she referred the case to federal authorities. “What we have decided to do with the investigation, in light of the fact that of course we have seen, as you (Maddow) have pointed out multiple times now,” Nessel said, “various different false slate of electors from [several] different states, in what seems to be a coordinated effort between the Republican Parties in various different states, we think this is a matter that is best investigated and potentially prosecuted by the feds.”

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