Missouri radio host Vic Faust fired from TV gig

A Missouri radio host who went berserk on his stunned co-host in an unhinged, caught-on-tape tirade last week apologized for the outburst — but still got sacked from his TV gig.

Vic Faust was fired this week from his job as an anchor at Fox 2 in St. Louis, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Wednesday.

“Vic Faust no longer works for Fox 2, KPLR (Channel 11) or Nexstar Media,” station manager Kurt Kruger said. Nexstar Media is the parent company of the local station.

The announced termination comes two days after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch obtained leaked audio of Faust berating co-host Crystal Cooper with a stream of profanities and cruel personal insults during a show Faust hosts on hard rock station KFNS.

The potty-mouthed bully even went as far to call Cooper a lousy mother.

Missouri radio host Vic Faust was fired from his television job after he went on an off-air tirade against his radio co-host.
The Edge/YouTube

“Your kids have a (expletive) terrible mom,” he nastily said. “I feel sorry for them.”

Faust expressed remorse in a tweet Wednesday and said he was “ashamed” of his ugly behavior.

“I am very sorry. My words hurt Crystal, my colleagues and family,” Faust said.

“I made a huge mistake and I’m ashamed. As I work to earn trust again, I hope we can have an open dialogue about respect in the workplace and forgiveness.”

Crystal Cooper was at the receiving end of the cruel tirade.
Crystal Cooper was at the receiving end of the cruel tirade.
The Edge/YouTube

Faust dropped dozens of obscenities during the Sept. 13 rant, criticized Cooper’s appearance and intelligence and warned her to never co-host the show with him again. He also called her trash and told her “you’re nothing,” according to the leaked audio.

The unhinged verbal assault was apparently unleashed after Cooper poked fun at Faust over his computer skills.

Faust was with Fox 2 for seven years before he was cut this week. His radio show appears to be on hold, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch report.