Merry Christmas, Let’s Go Brandon


Dad With COVID Hires Santa to Surprise Kids With Christmas Presents

A father-of-four made quick changes to his holiday plans after being told while on his way from Ohio to Minnesota to see his children and their mother for Christmas that he had tested positive for COVID-19.The mother of the children, Sheletta Brundidge, told Storyful that this was the first Christmas since she and her ex-husband, Shawn, got divorced so they were trying to make it extra special for the kids. “We got matching pajamas and everything to celebrate the day together,” she said.Shawn didn’t let his test result ruin the trip, and instead of returning to Ohio, he continued on to Minnesota where Brundidge said he “hooked up with Santa Dan” who presented the gifts to Shawn’s children.“Santa truly delivered on short notice,” Brundidge told Storyful.This video shared by Brundidge shows the excitement as she and her children — 15-year-old Andrew, nine-year-old Brandon, eight-year-old Cameron, and seven-year-old Daniel – greeted Santa Claus at the front door of their Cottage Grove home. Credit: via Storyful