Joe Biden Appoints Star Jones To U.S. Commission – The Hamden Journal

Star Jones, who will become the host and judge on Divorce Court later this year, has another new gig: A presidential appointment to a U.S. commission.

President Joe Biden tapped Jones to serve as one of the members of the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, an agency which is tasked with identifying and reporting monuments, historic buildings and cemeteries in Eastern and Central Europe “that are associated with the heritage of U.S. citizens,” according to the law that created it in 1985.

Jones, a former homicide prosecutor, was one of the original co-hosts of The View. She’s a principal of Instant Impact Group, LLC, which advises on diversity and equity programs. She also served as president and board director of Professional Diversity Network, Inc., and of the International Association of Women.

Biden also appointed six others to the commission, including G. Jonathan Greenwald, Nicole Mavis Isaac, Nancy Kaufman, Michael Marquardt, Maureen Pikarski and Bill Shaheen.

The commission was set up to ensure that such sites — historically important for populations impacted by Nazism and communism — are preserved.

Jones will replace Faith Jenkins as the judge on Divorce Court this fall. The latest incarnation of the show started in 1999.