Jerami Grant trade speculation with Detroit Pistons includes Phoenix Suns

There is growing speculation that the Detroit Pistons could trade leading scorer Jerami Grant and the Phoenix Suns are included in some of the chatter.

NBA insider Marc Stein recently reported that there is a “rising belief” that the Pistons will deal Grant before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 10.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania recently reported that “Jerami Grant is one of the most sought-after players in a potential trade, with the Lakers and Trail Blazers among the teams pursuing the Pistons’ versatile forward, sources said. Dozens of teams call the Detroit front office about Grant each week, and sources said the team is open to a possible deal.”

Grant is averaging 20.1 points per game this season, but hasn’t played since Dec. 10 since suffering a thumb injury.

At the time it was reported that he would be reevaluated in six weeks. Grant is under contract for just over $20 million this season and for just under $21 million next season.

Would Grant fit with the Suns? Would Phoenix be able to afford him? What would it take to trade for the forward?

Check out some of the NBA trade speculation involving the Suns and Grant.

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Hoops Hype: Suns among four potential trade destinations for Jerami Grant

Yossi Gozlan writes: “The question of how many first-round picks the Suns will have to give up may depend on if they’re willing to trade Cameron Johnson. If they are, perhaps one additional first-round pick could be enough. As far as salary matching goes, Phoenix will likely want to keep as many rotation players as possible. In this scenario, they’ll likely want to include Dario Saric who is out for the season, and Jalen Smith who is already out of their future plans having declined his team option for next season. One factor that could stop the Suns from making such a move is the price. Multiple first-round picks for Grant is steep, especially ones so far out. Also, Phoenix is set to be deep in the luxury tax for the foreseeable future assuming they re-sign Deandre Ayton to a contract near the maximum range. He is earning around $20 million annually, as well as potential new contracts for Johnson and Jae Crowder down the line, will make the roster extremely expensive. Phoenix does have a move to make with the Saric and Smith salary slots, but it could be for a player such as Thaddeus Young who earns less money and won’t require as many assets to acquire.”

CBS Sports: Suns could use draft picks to land Jerami Grant

Sam Quinn writes: “I think the scariest possible deadline development for other contenders would be Phoenix realizing “hey, we control more of our draft capital than any other contender, we can get crazy.” Like, if the Suns wanted to say screw it and trade three 1sts for Jerami Grant, they could. Now, I think the long-term tax concerns prevent them from doing anything too crazy if we’re being realistic, but Phoenix can do basically anything at the deadline if Sarver’s willing to pay for it.”

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SB Nation: Suns could deal Deandre Ayton in package for Jerami Grant

Sean Corp writes: The Suns decision not to extend Deandre Ayton was a head-scratcher, but if they want to punt on big dollar deals for big men then maybe they’d want to swap Ayton for Stewart and deal with that downgrade by also getting Jerami Grant. They could win a title with Stewart and Grant.”

NBA Analysis: Suns could trade Jae Crowder in package for Jerami Grant

Kenneth Teape writes: “The Suns have to pony up a bit, beginning with their starting forward, Jae Crowder. He would likely slide into Grant’s starting spot in Detroit, while Grant takes his in Phoenix. Jalen Smith is a high-upside prospect that would probably benefit from landing on a team that isn’t in a win-now situation such as the Suns. He needs some more refinement and development of his skill set but can’t be afforded that in Phoenix. In Detroit, he would be. Saric is likely out for the season but is a solid contributor when healthy. He is included to help match money. The first-round pick is a nice get for Detroit as well, as rebuilding teams can never have enough assets.”

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Would Jerami Grant be a good fit on the Phoenix Suns? Some NBA writers think the team should attempt to trade for the Detroit Pistons player.

Fansided: Jerami Grant a midseason trade target for Suns

Karan Jain writes: “The Suns lacked aggressive slashers especially from the wing position last season. Thanks to his athleticism, Grant has always been a fantastic finisher and slasher. Another flaw that a potential Grant trade solves for the Suns comes on the defensive end, where Grant remains one of the best point of attack defenders across the entire league. After losing Torrey Craig, the Suns need a guy like that now more than ever. Combine both those attributes with Grant’s 3-point shooting and he becomes the perfect starting power forward to wear Phoenix threads.”

Clutch Points: Trading for Jerami Grant would improve Suns

Mike Cruz writes: “They would likely need to give up a future first-round pick or two and maybe add a young piece like Jalen Smith to entice the Pistons to a deal. To match salaries, they may need to include Jae Crowder and Dario Saric in the deal. While this may seem too much to give up for a non-All-Star like Grant, he is still going to be a major upgrade at power forward for the Suns. As he showed in the 2020 playoffs, the 27-year old played a key role defensively for the Nuggets. His length and versatility allowed him to guard the likes of Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. Grant’s presence would allow them to match up against teams with elite big forwards and will give them the chance to play with more versatility on defense.”

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