Coral Springs police arrested a Spirit employee on two counts of sexual battery

The Coral Springs Police Department arrested a Spirit Airlines employee last week on two counts of sexual battery after he “used his position of employment to gain the trust of the victim,” according to authorities.

Stanley Jeanty was suspended without pay after the airline company learned of the 37-year-old’s arrest.

“We were just made aware of the heinous allegations against this individual. We unequivocally do not tolerate this abhorrent behavior,” Erik Hofmeyer, director of communications for Spirit Airlines, said in an email sent Wednesday to the Miami Herald.

“The employee is suspended immediately without pay, and we will follow the ongoing investigation and take swift action accordingly,” Hofmeyer added.

Jeanty nor an attorney representing him could be reached for comment.

Arrest warrant details two attacks

Per a redacted arrest warrant provided by Coral Springs PD, Jeanty drove up to a bus stop on Riverside Drive and West Sample Road in Coral Springs and offered a woman a ride on Sept. 18. Coral Springs police redacted the arrest warrant and did not provide the name or age of the woman citing laws that protect victims of crimes.

The woman, who did not know Jeanty, told detectives that she first declined his invitation, but after he began speaking Creole — a language that she speaks — and telling her he was from Haiti, she accepted the ride, according to the warrant.

Once in the car, the warrant says Jeanty told the woman he works for Spirit Airlines and that he could help her find a job, the woman told detectives.

He then drove with the woman to his home at 3260 Coral Lake Ln. in Coral Springs instead of taking her home. Once inside, he showed her three laptops with the Spirit Airlines name and a work badge from the company “to gain her trust,” the warrant reveals.

In his house, Jeanty emailed a job application to the woman at 1:54 p.m., and then drove her to her home minutes later. Jeanty told her he would pick her at her home at 6 p.m. to help her complete the job application, the warrant added.

At 6 p.m., Jeanty picked her up at her residence and drove her to his home to complete the job application. Once there, Jeanty offered the woman dinner and wine, according to the warrant.

The woman told police that Jeanty proceeded to show her some type of U.S. Army identification and asking her things about her personal life such as whether she had a boyfriend. When she did not engage in the conversation, the warrant states that he persisted — causing her to go crying to the bathroom.

Jeanty was enlisted in the Army from January to November of 2019, holding the rank of private first class when he was discharged, U.S. Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Brandon Kelley said on an email sent Friday.

As the woman exited the bathroom, Jeanty was standing in her path. When she asked what was he doing, he did not answer and grabbed her hand, according to the warrant.

The woman told police that Jeanty pushed her into his bedroom, grabbed her by the neck, pushed her to the ground and pinned her down, according to warrant. What happened next is partially redacted.

Sometime later, Jeanty stopped what police described as an “attack” and took a picture of the woman naked — telling her to not “do anything stupid.” When he stood over her, she attempted to crawl across his bed toward the exit door but he pinned her down again, the warrant notes.

Jeanty then proceeded with a second “attack,” as police described it.

Later on, the woman told Jeanty that she did not give him consent and that what he did was wrong — and he responded by threatening to kill her, she informed police, according to the warrant.

The woman was in fear for her life as Jeanty walked toward his bedroom closet and opened it. Inside was “voodoo altar display” with candles, and he showed her a “female wedding band,” the warrant stated.

Jeanty told the woman that he loved her and that the wedding band was for her. He also threatened her with a curse and pointed to a camera on his nightstand — saying it recorded everything, per the warrant.

There could be more than one victim

Jeanty is also the primary suspect of a similar attack that took place at the same address, according to the warrant.

The victim of that attack, whose name was not provided, told police her attacker said he was a Spirit Airlines employee and that he pointed to the same camera on the nightstand, per the warrant.

“Your Affiant believes that the defendant’s pattern of behavior establishes that he was escalated over the months to include strangers and his predatory behavior towards vulnerable females is concerning to the public safety,” Coral Springs Detective Michelle Gianino wrote on the warrant.

Coral Springs PD is asking people to provide information on the suspect due to the possibility of there being additional victims, the police noted.

Jeanty has “ties to the Coral Springs and Margate area and he is well-known in the Haitian commeunity,” authorities added.

People with information on Jeanty can contact SVU Detective Michelle Gianino at 954-346-1789 or [email protected]