Chicago DA Kim Foxx ripped as soft on crime following mall shooting

A Republican county commissioner lashed out at embattled Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for being soft on crime after a mall shooting in his community wounded four people and sent holiday shoppers running for safety.

“DuPage County is always a county that prides itself that safety is a top priority,” Commissioner Peter DiCianni told Chicago’s WGN-TV. “And a lot of our violent crime has been coming in from the east” – alluding to Cook County, comprised largely of crime-ridden Chicago.

Two gunmen opened fire on each other at about 5:45 p.m. Thursday evening at Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook, a DuPage suburb about 15 miles west of downtown Chicago.

One suspect, who was not immediately identified, was wounded and taken into custody, while cops were still searching for the second shooter, the Chicago Tribune reported. Witnesses told police they heard up to 15 rounds fired.

Three women at the outdoor mall who were also shot were expected to survive, Oak Brook Police Chief James Kruger said.

“We have a [Cook County] state’s attorney that often does not prosecute the crime as she should,” DiCianni said of Foxx. “I can tell you that these offenders, speaking on behalf of our state’s attorney [in DuPage County], will be fully prosecuted. And we need to send a message that we don’t tolerate this kind of crime in our county.”

DiCianni added that his county’s response to the incident included four different SWAT teams.

A Republican county commissioner lashed out at Foxx.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Foxx, a Democrat who has served as Cook County’s state attorney since 2016, has been under fire during Chicago’s violent crime surge, which includes more than 1,500 murders over the past two years, according to the Chicago Tribune. Her profile took a major national hit after she mishandled the case against actor Jussie Smollett, who was convicted this month of a hate-crime hoax.

A report by a special prosecutor issued last week found misconduct by Foxx’s office in its handling of the case.