Browns are still without Baker Mayfield

In two days, the Browns face the Packers at Lambeau Field. The Browns still don’t have starting quarterback Baker Mayfield in the building.

Mayfield landed on COVID reserve last Wednesday with a positive test despite being vaccinated. Although the NFL and NFL Players Association agreed on Thursday to change the protocols to make it easier to return, Mayfield still hasn’t been cleared.

On Sunday, Mayfield posted on social media that he has no symptoms and that he was praying for a negative test, so that he could play on Monday against the Raiders. Four days later, he and the Browns are still waiting.

By rule, he’ll return on Saturday at the latest. That’s the same day, however, that the Browns play the Packers at Lambeau Field. If not cleared before Saturday, he’ll have to travel separately to Green Bay and await the automatic green light for his return on the same day as game day. Obviously, it will become harder for him to perform at a high level without the benefit of practice.

Obviously, the Browns need him. At 7-7, another loss could end up being fatal to what once seemed to be a certain playoff appearance.

Browns are still without Baker Mayfield originally appeared on Pro Football Talk