Big Daddy Kane apologizes for mistaking ASL interpreter for rowdy concert-goer

Rapper Big Daddy Kane shared a personal video explaining that he mistook an ASL interpreter for a concert-goer who had walked onstage during his performance. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Big Daddy Kane is apologizing for pushing an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter back from the stage during a performance on Friday evening. 

The rapper, 53, took to Instagram to share a personal message about the incident, describing it as a misunderstanding because he had no idea anyone would be onstage with him during the performance. He also offered a “sincere apology” to the interpreter, whom he identified as Billy Sanders. Sanders has previously gone viral thanks to the nickname #ASLBae.

“So I know a lot of people out there saw this,” Kane said, before launching into a video clip showing him repeatedly pushing Sanders, who was translating his performance behind a large pile of concert equipment.

“But see what y’all didn’t see was this,” said Kane, who flashed back to the video, which shows him shaking hands with Sanders after the song was over. On the video, Kane can be heard saying that “they didn’t tell me what was going on” and telling the audience “understand and understood, I want everybody to enjoy it, you feel me?”

Kane continued, explaining that the incident was simply a case of mistaken identity.

“I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in my life. But I would never try to disrespect an interpreter that’s doing sign language for the deaf community onstage,” he explained. “No one told me what was going on. No one told my manager that there was going to be an interpreter. We were clueless, so when I came on stage and saw someone just mouthing the lyrics, I was trying to get them off the stage.”

The initial video of the musician pushing the man, taken by a concert-goer, gained significant traffic on the internet, causing some to criticize Kane’s actions. 

“But no one showed the clip of me apologizing to the brother and allowing him to stay on stage and finish the show. No one showed the clip of me apologizing to the crowd. Because as I said in the clip, I want everyone to enjoy the show, and that means even those who can’t hear it,” Kane shared in his video message.

Kane closed out his personal video be reiterating his support for all concert-goers, including those who are hearing-impaired. 

“Anyway though, much respect to the deaf community. I would never disrespect y’all, and once again, much love to that interpreter,” he said. “Again, I apologize, my brother.”