American Girl Unveils first Chinese American ‘Girl of the Year’ Doll, Corinne Tan

American Girl’s Corinne Tan

American Girl

American Girl’s newest “Girl of the Year” is making history. 

The famous brand unveiled Corinne Tan, its first Chinese American “Girl of the Year” on Thursday. Corinne is described as an avid skier who lives in Aspen, Colorado, where she “loves hitting the slopes, being a big sister, and training her new puppy.”

The brand shared on their website that Corinne and her story help young girls “embrace family change,” “share feelings,” “stand up to racism” and “tackle problems one step at a time.”

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American Girl’s Corinne Tan

American Girl’s Corinne Tan

American Girl

Corinne’s story was developed by author Wendy Wan-Long Shang, who also helped craft the character of Gwynn, her little sister.

Shang said in a statement that she hopes Corinne can provide better representation, according to a press release shared on Thursday.

“What I really hope is that there is some part of Corinne’s story that makes readers feel seen, whether it’s because they are Asian American, or because they’re part of a blended family, or because they love skiing,” Shang said. “I think when readers feel seen, they realize that they matter and their experiences matter, and that they are meant to be the stars of their own stories!”

With the release of their latest “Girl of the Year” doll, American Girl is partnering with AAPI Youth Rising (AYR). The nonprofit, which is led by students, works to “make positive change” and “bring awareness to the increase in xenophobia against Asians in America,” according to its official website. 

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American Girl is donating $25,000 to AYR’s ONE/180 pledge. The pledge “asks schools and teachers across the country to include at least one classroom lesson about Asian American and Pacific Islander history and culture during the school year,” per Thursday’s release. 

Jamie Cygielman, general manager at American Girl, said in a statement shared with Today Parents that the brand is “proud” to introduce Corinne to “our lineup of important characters who reflect what it means to be an American girl today.”

Cygielman added, “Wrapped around Corrine’s outdoor adventures are important messages about kindness, tolerance, and love — showing kids that they’re never too young to contribute to the larger conversation and stand up for positive change.”

The Corinne doll and her collection of products are now available for purchase at and at American Girl retail locations. The Corinne books, which retails for $7.99, are also available for purchase.