Adorable golden retriever ‘defends’ grandma from fruit-stealing man

A golden retriever has gone viral after it appeared to playfully defend a grandmother from a man who ate from a bowl of cut fruit meant for the elderly woman.

The video of the chivalrous golden retriever was first shared on Reddit and spread across Instagram.

“We get a man offering fruit to his dog, but the dog kindly tells him to give it to grandma first,” Reddit user @siempremajima was quoted as saying.

“When the man goes to give it to the grandma, he actually jokes around and attempts to [eat] the bite himself. This bothers the sweet dog, who obviously loves grandma, and he then proceeds to playfully attack the man for being so disrespectful.”

It is unclear where the video was recorded, but it has since garnered thousands of views and likes on social media.

“He’s not messing around!! He’s protecting grandma at all costs! 😂” one user wrote.

“Grandma just sits there like…lessons gotta be learned,” another commented.

“That’s a reasonable reaction, actually,” another user chimed in. “Not even trying to hurt him, but smacking him a lil bit to tell him ‘That wasn’t cool, broh’. Man, we really don’t deserve dogs.”

Featured Image via siempremajima

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