Actors Fund Home, Once Hard Hit By Covid-19, Is Virus-Free, Save CEO – The Hamden Journal

The Actors Fund Home in New Jersey, which saw the death of 10 residents during the horrific early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, is now free of the coronavirus. That’s despite the omicron variant spike that’s now sweeping the country.

As a precaution, all visitations to the retirement home in Englewood have been suspended for two weeks.

Joe Benincasa, the Fund’s president and CEO, tested positive recently, but is in good shape. “I picked up omicron two weeks ago and am now testing negative and feeling good,” he told The Hamden Journal.

“So far, no residents have Covid,” he said. “Because of the omicron spike, we suspended visitations yesterday for two weeks.”

“Everything is also good,” he noted, at the Fund’s low-income and special needs residences in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and West Hollywood. “We are being very cautious and hoping for the best,” he said. “Here’s to a New Year with Covid under control.”