SI man charged with murder was confronted over love triangle: Neighbor

The NYPD released the name of the man who was strangled to death during an alleged dispute over a woman in a Staten Island apartment building.

Police said victim Rafael Ramos, 36, entered the home of Emmanuel Diaz, 32, at 1950 Clove Road Saturday morning at 7:15 a.m. The two began fighting, with the older man striking the other in the face with a knife, cops said.

Ramos had gone to Diaz’s Grasmere apartment to confront him about a woman they were both romantically involved with, sources said. Diaz retaliated and strangled his assailant until the man was unconscious, a police spokeswoman said.

Police arrived to find first responders treating the victim, who was pronounced dead. Diaz was found, covered in blood and with a cut on his face, walking out of the apartment, the NYPD said.

Ramos was taken into custody and charged with murder, strangulation, criminal obstruction of breaking and assault, cops said.

Rafael Ramos reportedly entered Rafael Ramos’ apartment in Staten Island to fight him over a woman they both dated, according to sources.
Steve White

A neighbor in the building told The Post that Ramos had a reputation for seducing his neighbors.

“He’s Romeo. He would listen to their problems, and they would tell him and next thing you know….” Taino Escobar, 38, told The Post.

NYPD officers investigate a homicide at an apartment in Staten Island.
NYPD officers investigate the scene of the fatal strangulation at 1950 Clove Road, Staten Island.
Steve White
A man was found bludgeoned to death in the 2nd floor hallway at 1950 Clove Road on Christmas Day.
A neighbor at the apartment claims Rafael Ramos was a “Romeo” who seduced tenants.
Steve White

Escobar claimed he too had confronted Diaz last year because Diaz had once been intimate with his own significant other.

“I lit his a– up, back slapped him so hard his nose was bleeding,” the neighbor said.