NYPD cop latest victim of TikTok car theft challenge

A group of thieves swiped an unmarked NYPD car and took it on a nearly 12-hour joyride before crashing in the Bronx Tuesday morning — in what appears to be a heist inspired by a viral TikTok challenge, The Post has learned.

The four carjackers boosted the black undercover KIA from outside the 45 Precinct’s Detective Bureau near Westchester and Lane Avenues just around 12:30 a.m., according to police.

The car wasn’t seen again until just before 11:20 a.m. when patrol officers spotted it about four miles away and began to chase it, cops said.

The theft has all the trademarks of a TikTok challenge that has been blamed for the massive uptick in stolen Kias and Hyundais in New York City, according to police.

As part of the challenge — which has been viewed millions of times on the social media site — thieves use a USB cord to bypass the ignition through the steering wheel column.

The unmarked police car was stolen Tuesday morning by four carjackers.

Stolen cop car
It was later found about four miles away and appears related to a viral TikTok trend that has impacted Kias and Hyundais in New York.

Cops say that cars from those companies made between 2010 and 2021 with turn-key ignitions, not push-start with key fobs, are vulnerable to the trend.

Earlier this month, the NYPD warned residents about the alarming uptick in similar grand theft autos on Staten Island.

Police officials urged owners to tap into some older anti-car theft tech — like steering wheel locks, such as well-known Club — until manufacturers released a software update.

Cops had questioned two people they believed to be involved but neither had been charged as of Tuesday afternoon.