NYPD commander ousted from precinct after community backlash to be promoted

An NYPD commander who was once transferred from a Brooklyn police precinct following community backlash is set to be bumped up in rank later this week, The Post has learned.

Inspector John Mastronardi will be promoted to deputy chief on Friday and will work in the Chief of Department’s Office, according to a department memo announcing the ceremony.

Mastronardi was transferred out of the 75 Precinct in East New York in March 2021 following an online petition from community leaders demanding his removal over complaints of poor leadership and police accountability.

“He is out of touch with our community,” wrote Rev. Kevin McCall at the time. “He doesn’t have the leadership capabilities to change the history of misconduct for this Police precinct. We need some one [sic] with effective leadership that can help improve quality of life for the East New York community.”

Inspector John Mastronardi will be bumped up to deputy chief Friday.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the police leader was caught on camera without a mask –as his cops broke up a group of men for not social distancing.

“I believe in the spirit of redemption and hopefully he learned his lesson,” the reverend told The Post, adding “we got him out of the precinct.”

“Chief [Jeff] Maddrey and Chief [of Patrol} John Chell and those in leadership will make sure that he does what he’s supposed to do in terms of being a police officer and not carry the same mechanisms of police brutality in leadership.”