Mayor Eric Adams dodges questions about brother Bernard’s six-figure NYPD gig

Mayor Eric Adams dodged questions Thursday about giving his brother a six-figure security gig — insisting the media has mischaracterized the controversial choice of hiring a family member for such a high-paying role in his administration.

“This was not a ‘Gotcha,’” Eric Adams told reporters at an unrelated press conference outside Manhattan Supreme Court, referring to tapping his younger brother Bernard Adams to a $210,000-a-year job overseeing his security.

Asked by a reporter why he didn’t first seek permission from the city’s Conflict of Interest Board prior to hiring his brother, Adams deflected.

“We believe, my legal counsel has made it clear, that we are following the rule for [the] Conflict of Interest Board, and I feel I have full trust and faith in my chief counsel,” he said. “And he’s stated that we’re going to follow the process and the COIB will make the determination and we will follow their ruling.”

The newly minted mayor appointed his younger brother as a deputy commissioner with the NYPD — a gig that comes with a $242,000 salary, The Post exclusively reported Friday. Bernard Adams confirmed that he’d be handling governmental affairs without elaborating.

Mayor Eric Adams in under fire after placing his brother in a high-paying role in his administration.

The Adams administration, however, only contacted COIB about Bernard Adams’ position — which has raised concerns of nepotism — after The Post published its story.

On Wednesday, The Post reported that Eric Adams announced his brother would instead take a lesser role within the police department as the executive director of mayoral security, with a salary of $210,000.

The mayor refused to call it a demotion — but did not explain the switch in title.

Bernard Adams last worked as an assistant director for parking at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Bernard Adams last worked as an assistant director for parking at Virginia Commonwealth University.
William C. Lopez/NYPOST

“That’s a lot of sensationalism about demoting my brother,” he said at the Thursday press conference. “He was not demoted, we wanted to be clear to the Conflict of Interest Board. You guys wrote his job, you wrote his job description, you wrote everything about him. I was amazed how you were writing [something] that wasn’t anything that we were putting out or trying to hide.”

A retired NYPD sergeant, Bernard Adams, 56, last worked as an assistant director for parking at Virginia Commonwealth University.

City Hall officials confirmed that a formal request had been sent by the Adams administration to COIB Wednesday night.

Eric Adams doubled down on tapping his brother to head up his security team, calling him the “best person for the uniqueness of how I want my security to be.”

“I love my brother, my brother loves me, I trust him,” he said.

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