Man snatches dog from outside Long Island convenience store: video

Police are hunting for a man who was caught on surveillance video snatching a tiny dog from outside a Long Island convenience store on Christmas Eve.

The male dognapper was spotted approaching the Pomeranian mix outside the store on Woodfield Road in Lakeview at 1 p.m. last Friday, Nassau County cops said.

The pooch, which was tied up outside by its leash, barked briefly as the suspect walked towards it, the surveillance footage showed.  

He quickly reached down and grabbed the dog before calmly walking away with it tucked under his arm.

The suspect was then filmed stashing the dog in the back seat of his black BMW SUV parked just feet away from the store.

The dognapper was spotted approaching the Pomeranian mix outside a convenience store on Woodfield Road in Lakeview on Christmas Eve.
Pomeranian mix dog
The Pomeranian mix was left outside while its owner was shopping.
Dog snatcher
Police are looking for the alleged dog snatcher.
Dog snatcher
Investigators say the suspect is about 5 feet 9 and has a long black braid.

Cops were alerted to the theft after the owner came out of the store and realized his dog had vanished.

It wasn’t immediately clear how long the dog owner was in the store.

Investigators described the suspect as approximately 5 feet 9, wearing beige pants, a beige sweater, a puffy beige vest and a Yankees baseball cap with a long black braid.

Additional reporting by Tina Moore