Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre sues his ex-girlfriend Rina Oh

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre claims a defamation suit filed against her by the dead pedophile’s ex-girlfriend is “a sham,” new court papers show.

Rina Oh, 43, filed a $10 million-plus federal lawsuit against Giuffre in January for publicly naming Oh as one of Epstein’s recruiters. Oh claims she has since realized she was also a victim of Epstein “and his gang.”

Oh also alleged Giuffre, 38, sexually abused her “at Epstein’s direction.”

Giuffre has now fired back with her own lawsuit — claiming Oh’s case is an attempt to silence and punish Giuffre for Twitter posts protected under her constitutional right to free speech.

Oh’s “lawsuit is a sham attempt to silence and harasses Ms. Giuffre, while defendant Oh is afforded the opportunity to continuously defame and disparage Ms. Giuffre,” the suit alleges. “Oh’s civil action was not to remedy a wrong but was brought for the malicious and intentional purpose of harming Ms. Giuffre and to punish her for exercising her constitutional right to free speech and to participate in the public discourse.”

Virginia Giuffre has sued Rina Oh over Oh’s defamation claims against her.

Giuffre is suing for unspecified damages under New York’s free speech laws.

Giuffre has been described as Epstein’s underage “sex slave,” and claims she was even sex-trafficked to Prince Andrew – whom she subsequently sued, and then settled with for an estimated $12 million in February.

The new legal action is the latest salvo between the two women whose feud began on Twitter in October 2020, sparked by Oh’s admission that she brought at least three women to Epstein. The disclosure came during the podcast “The Recruiters, Broken: Seeking Justice.”

Rina Oh is pictured.
Rina Oh sued Virginia Giuffre for a series of tweets that called Oh a recruiter for Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

On the podcast, Oh admitted Epstein was her “older, rich boyfriend” in the early 2000s, and said she took the then-teenage Giuffre to buy a school girl outfit to please the rich financier — justifying the outing by saying “17 to me is not a child.”

Giuffre alleges Oh’s interview “re-traumatized” her, according to the court papers.

Oh brought her own case against Giuffre for calling Oh a “co-conspirator for” Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in a series of tweets about the interview.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, with a photo of herself as a teen
Virginia Giuffre with a photo of herself as a teen.
Emily Michot/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images
Pictured are Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew.
Giuffre claims she was sex-trafficked to Prince Andrew.

On the same podcast, Giuffre claimed Oh cut and slashed her as “part of the sadomasochist” abuse “for Epstein’s pleasure,” the court papers say.

Oh’s lawyer, Alexander Dudelson, told The Post: “This is simply a baseless counterclaim filed in response to Ms. Oh’s defamation suit against Ms. Giuffre in the US District Court.”