DOT contractors manage to misspell ‘MPH’ along Alphabet City’s Avenue B

City workers need spellcheck — in Alphabet City of all places.

Department of Transportation contractors somehow managed to misspell “MPH” — the acronym for “miles per hour” — eight times along Avenue B last week.

“What quality control do they have? This is outside a kids’ school, too,” said Corey Umstead, a 25-year-old project manager who burst out laughing when asked about the error. “Like, learn to read — OK?”

The outrageous error was flagged on Twitter to the DOT on Dec. 18: “heya the new speed limit notifications on recently re-paved Avenue B read “20 MHP”(note the inversion)!!!! I kid you not.”

Two days later, the agency responded in a tweet that the snafu had been “corrected” — and blamed its contractors.

The freshly-paved asphalt now shows scrapes from the revision.

Actor Vincent Zapicchi, 60, said he wasn’t surprised the gaffe was the work of contractors. “The city doesn’t do the work anymore. They contract out everything,” he said.

Added his buddy, construction worker Paul Sullivan, 50: “They’re the croniest hacks that are phoning it in. They’re more interested in what they’re going to stencil on the back of their speed boats.”

DOT spokesman Vin Barone said in a statement: “This error was swiftly corrected by our contractor at no expense to the city.” The DOT did not comment on how many complaints it received or which contractor was responsible.

Someone attempted to correct the mistake before contractors officially reversed the error.
J.C.Rice for NY Post

It’s not the first time the agency’s street painters needed to be schooled.

In 2012 road markings advised a “SHCOOL X-ING” outside a Lower East Side high school. In 2003, an Upper West Side street was labeled “SCOOOL XING.” DOT blamed the mistakes on contractors.