Christmas Day forecast is not looking too jolly

New Yorkers dreaming of a White Christmas may get a wet Christmas instead.

Showers are expected on and off throughout the day Saturday, bringing some on-brand gloom for the pandemic-ravaged holiday even as temperatures reach a mild high of 48 degrees.

“I think at any point we can see some rain during the day on Saturday,” Alyson Hoegg, an Accuweather senior meteorologist told The Post.

Light snow may hit parts of Long Island and Connecticut but the Big Apple is likely to stay dry.

Any accumulation will melt off as temperatures rise well above freezing and peak in the mid 40s, Hoegg said.

Long Island and Connecticut may experience light snow.
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Rain could sprinkle the region late Christmas Eve and though it could mean umbrella weather for Old St. Nick, the rains are not expected to be heavy. Still, colder temperatures in the northern suburbs could mean hazardous roadways, particularly in north of Interstate 287 in Westchester County.

“It could be a bit of a wintery mix that we could see some freezing rain moving in,” Hoegg said. “So there may even be some slick spots we have to watch out for if people are traveling north away from the city first thing Saturday morning.”

Sunday will be much better for Gotham and the region with a high near 50 and partly sunny skies, she said.

Rockefeller Plaza in the day
The Christmas day weather should not fully put a damper the holiday season because Sunday’s forecast is clear of rain showers.
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Tourists at Rockefeller Plaza
Travelers going to Western New York should get read for snow storms.
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“I think Sunday is actually going to be the pick of the weekend for many people, in terms of dry weather overall,” Hoegg said.

But Hoegg warned those traveling far upstate or in western New York should to prepare for possible snow storms there.

Mild temperatures are likely through most of next week, the meteorologist said — meaning it is likely that it won’t be a White New Year’s either.