Nintendo Switch Indie World sale offers big savings until Dec. 31

Nintendo Switch owners can find savings on Hades, Art of Rally, Streets of Rage 4, Necrobarista: Final Pour and other indie delights during the Indie World Holiday sale running until Dec. 31.

Thirty games are being offered for up to 75% off, though some savings are a bit more modest. Among Us, for example, is already a must-have at $5, but this sale knocks off another dollar. In fairness, that is a 20% discount.

Axiom The Hamden Journal 2, which launched in August, is down to $17.99 (from $19.99) and Boyfriend Dungeon (one of The Hamden Journal’s 50 best games of 2021) is $16.99 (also formerly $19.99). And flip-the-script River City Girls, which launched in 2019, turns damsels into damage-dealers for $20.99, down from $29.99.

Also on sale until Dec. 31 at 11:59 p.m. PST are five other curated lists from indie developers and publishers: Serenity Forge, Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, Annapurna Interactive, Humble, and Finji. Those labels are offering selected wares at discounts reaching 50%, 70%, and 80%.