Tom Brady warned by NFL after tossing tablet in Saints loss

Tom Brady’s wallet didn’t get any thinner after he tossed a tablet in frustration during a 9-0 loss to the Saints on Dec. 19.

The Buccaneers quarterback, though, did get a warning from the NFL about throwing the Microsoft Surface tablet, he told Jim Gray on their SiriusXM “Let’s Go!” podcast on Monday.

“I can’t throw another Surface or else I get fined. Imagine that. Imagine that,” Brady said, laughing. “I won’t throw another Surface. Although I think it was pretty good marketing for the Surface at the end of the day. I think it worked out pretty well for them.”

Brady had previously apologized for throwing the tablet, and said he was “pretty pissed” at the time.

“I didn’t want to throw an interception with that tablet so I made sure it hit the ground. It was out of use. There was no chance of that one being using that tablet after I got a hold of that tablet.”

Tom Brady tosses tablet during Buccaneers’ loss to the Saints.
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After Tampa Bay’s Week 15 loss to New Orleans, Microsoft had fun with the viral moment in a Twitter exchange with Saints defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

“Hey @Microsoft @surface , can y’all send me a new Surface Tablet? I need to give it to a friend who broke his. Thank you and Merry Christmas,” Gardner-Johnson tweeted.

Microsoft replied, “We’ve reviewed the tape and while we don’t recommend throwing your @surface (even if your friend holds the NFL record for career completions), here are some tips for caring for your Surface.”

The NFL began using the Surface tablet exclusively in 2014, in a deal that cost Microsoft $400 million.

Tensions were high during the Buccaneers’ loss to their division rival at Raymond James Stadium.

At one point late in the fourth quarter, Brady appeared to yell “go f–k yourself” at Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen after he threw an interception to Gardner-Johnson. 

Tom Brady tosses tablet during Buccaneers' loss to the Saints.
Tom Brady tosses tablet during Buccaneers’ loss to the Saints.
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“Oh, we were just exchanging pleasantries,” Brady said about the moment when he ran past Allen in frustration. “It was a nice night in Tampa. We were just wonderfully, in the heat of the moment, expressing, uh, I wouldn’t say pleasantries, but we were very competitive in that moment. It was emotional. So that’s just football players being football players.”

The Buccaneers bounced back with a 32-6 win over the Panthers last week that clinched the NFC South. Brady and the Buccaneers visit the Jets on Sunday.