Tom Brady could be fined by NFL for another tablet throw: ‘I won’t throw another Surface’

In the Buccaneers’ 9-0 loss to the Saints in Week 15, Tom Brady let out his frustrations on the Microsoft Surface tablet in the fourth quarter by smashing it on the nearby bench.

Brady had just thrown an interception, so his frustrations were heightened at this point. The loss also resulted in Brady’s first shutout in 15 seasons. At the time, this was seen as a somewhat funny moment as fans compared him to a kid who couldn’t get connected to Wi-Fi. Well, the NFL did not see it as funny.

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Brady spoke on the “Let’s Go!” podcast with Jim Gray on Monday and said the NFL gave him a call after this tablet throw from a week ago. 

“I did get a warning from the NFL,” Brady said, per ESPN. “I can’t throw another Surface or else I get fined. Imagine that. Imagine that.”

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The NFL has not announced any plans of fining Brady officially, so Brady most likely got away with this initial throwing of the tablet. But, like Brady said, he can’t do it again or the NFL will probably fine him. Brady said he’s learned his lesson.

“I won’t throw another Surface,” Brady said. “Although I think it was pretty good marketing for the Surface at the end of the day. I think it worked out pretty well for them.”

As a joke, Saints safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson tweeted at Microsoft after the game in a tweet that has since been deleted: “Hey @Microsoft @surface, can y’all send me a new Surface Tablet? I need to give it to a friend who broke his. Thank you and Merry Christmas.”

Then, Microsoft Surface responded by saying, “We’ve reviewed the tape and while we don’t recommend throwing your @surface (even if your friend holds the NFL record for career completions), here are some tips on caring for your Surface.”

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The Buccaneers went on to win their Week 16 game against the Panthers 32-6. They also clinched their playoff spot by winning the NFC South after that win. Needless to say, no tablets were broken during the Panthers game.