Santa ejected for fighting at Cowboys game

If you saw a headline that someone dressed as Santa Claus was ejected from a football game over Christmas weekend, you would reflexively think it happened in Philadelphia. In fact, it was a different NFC East market: Dallas.

A Cowboys fan in a Santa outfit fights another fan.

During the Cowboys’ 56-14 romp over the Washington Football Team on Sunday night, a Dallas fan rocking a blue Santa outfit could be seen putting another spectator in a headlock. Eventually, a bystander in a Dak Prescott jersey tries but fails to break up the scrum.

The Santa was ultimately ejected from the game, strutting up the aisle under his own power, with a security guard behind.

Cowboys Santa fan gets escorted out of the game.
The Santa Cowboys fan gets escorted out of the game.

It does not seem to be a rational decision to pay for close seats at a football game only to get ejected for fighting, but it has been the way of the world for decades and the trend does not seem to be slowing down.

Not even in the holiday season.