Packers’ Davante Adams shows receipts of wild Ravens defense

Davante Adams was not texting during his Tuesday press conference while discussing the Packers’ 31-30 win against the Ravens on Sunday.

The Green Bay wideout was actually on his phone searching for a play he was asked about by a reporter.

Adams went back and forth with the reporter until he pulled up the correct clip that showed three Ravens defenders guarding him. He even pointed out the defenders on his phone when the reporter couldn’t see the screen clearly.

When asked if he runs his prescribed route in a situation with that many defenders on him, Adams said he turns the field into a “playground situation.”

“Once they do that, I just start running around in circles, just do whatever. I just turn it into a playground situation. That’s how they want to do it, I’ll do unfair stuff too. I don’t know what route I ran, but I don’t think it was the route I was supposed to run,” Adams said. “At the end of the day, that’s something we can study and get ready for if teams are going to do that… it gets really cloudy when there’s three people in your way.”

Adams finished with 44 receiving yards and a touchdown on six catches and seven targets in the win against the Ravens.

In a separate clip shared by the NFL, Adams was mic’d up while telling his quarterback Aaron Rodgers that Baltimore had a defensive package against him called “17 bulldog.”

Davante Adams extends for a touchdown reception while trailed by two defenders during the Packers’ 31-30 win over the Ravens.

Rodgers replied, “That’s like the biggest respect you could possibly imagine.”

The reigning NFL MVP also had himself a night while he continues to deal with a fractured pinky toe. Rodgers finished with 268 passing yards and three touchdowns with zero interceptions on 23-for-31 completions.

On Wednesday, Adams, Rodgers and defensive lineman Kenny Clark made the NFC roster for the 2022 Pro Bowl. It marked Adams’ fifth consecutive Pro Bowl selection.

The Packers (11-3) host the Browns (7-7) on Saturday.