‘Operator negligence’ blamed for latest World Cup fan debacle

The Fyre Festival World Cup is off to a tough start.

Qatar’s Supreme Committee, which is in charge of organizing the 2022 World Cup, offered fans who were promised accommodation in official villages, and did not get it, full refunds, blaming “operator negligence.”

“We are aware that a number of fans have faced delays checking into select fan village accommodation due to owner and operator negligence,” a Supreme Committee spokesperson told ESPN. “A section of units in these facilities, which are delivered and managed by different private entities, have not met the required standards that were advertised to fans.

“While these sites are managed by independent commercial entities, rectifying these issues remains the utmost priority for the Supreme Committee. Full refunds are being offered to fans severely impacted by this issue as well as alternative accommodation which will be free of charge for the duration of their stay.”

Fans of Uruguay and South Korea at the World Cup

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The villages offer fans the chance to stay in a converted shipping container for about $200 per night. Some of the villages, though, aren’t finished, with one at Rawdat al Jahhaniya still needing construction on toilets and communal washing areas.

No word on whether the fans in the villages that were actually completed enjoyed their stays in a shipping container.

World Cup fan village in Qatar
World Cup fan village in Qatar

Chalk it up as another moment that puts Qatar in the running for the worst World Cup host of all time. At least there’s still three weeks left.