Jordan Clarkson held back from confronting ‘malicious’ Spurs fan

Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson was close to getting into a spat with a heckler during Utah’s win against the Spurs on Monday, until his teammates restrained him.

Clarkson said a fan “crossed the line” with “malicious” comments throughout the game, which led to security removing the fan from his seat at AT&T Center in San Antonio — where Clarkson attended high school.

“The guy just keeps antagonizing me. He almost challenges me like, ‘What you gonna do?’” Clarkson recalled after the game.

“After saying a bunch of stuff. I make money, I ain’t trying to lose no money. I’m going to lose more money than he’s going to lose. He’s probably going to just get kicked out of the game. We’re playing basketball, having a good time. Fans got to learn, we’re human, we’re people, too. Stuff like that just can’t fly.”

No video has surfaced of the incident, but one person in attendance posted video of a fan being escorted out by security.

The fan apparently began yelling remarks at Clarkson after he became upset over a non-call on a 3-point shot attempt. The Jazz called a timeout after Spurs forward Doug McDermott made a 3-pointer with four minutes remaining to give the Spurs a 94-80 lead.

“At one point I kinda just blacked out and was taking a step towards him,” Clarkson said. ‘”I don’t want no problems with nobody. I’m in the league. I make a lot of money. He ain’t gonna lost no money. I’m gonna end up losing a lot of money, be sitting out games.

“I could lose a mil. I could put that in my daughter’s pocket. She would go buy a Bugatti or something if she wants to,” he said about his daughter Cali, who turns four in April. “I’m just trying to compete in an environment that’s good for us.”

Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson (l.) during his team’s win over the Spurs on Dec. 27, 2021.

After the timeout, Clarkson lifted the Jazz to a 110-104 win, finishing 9-for-21 from the field. He scored 23 points to go with five assists and a steal in star guard Donovan Mitchell’s absence (lower back strain).

The Jazz visit Portland on Wednesday.