John Lynch explains liking an anti-Jimmy Garoppolo tweet

John Lynch said he remains a “huge believer in Jimmy” Garoppolo, but like his quarterback, Lynch’s touch recently has been off.

The 49ers general manager apparently “liked” a tweet trolling the 49ers quarterback after his rough game in the 20-17 loss in Tennessee on Thursday.

Among Lynch’s approved tweets was one suggesting San Francisco should “Leave Jimmy in Nashville,” after Garoppolo threw two interceptions and missed a wide-open Kyle Juszczyk, turning a would-be, second-quarter touchdown into an overthrown incompletion.

San Francisco has its quarterback of the future in Trey Lance, but those digging into Lynch’s internet presence Friday might have thought Lance may become their quarterback of the present quickly.

“Apparently – while in Christmas Eve Mass w my Family – I accidentally and unknowingly Liked a Tweet,” Lynch wrote. “Never intended to and remain a huge believer in Jimmy. Merry Christmas to everyone.”

49ers GM John Lynch said he “accidentally and unknowingly” liked a tweet that mocked Jimmy Garoppolo.
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Garoppolo has been mostly fine, if not anything more than that, this season. His 99.6 quarterback rating is the seventh best in football, but he is surrounded by excellent talent, and the 49ers are just 8-7.

49ers Jimmy Garoppolo John Lynch
Jimmy Garoppolo before the 49ers’ loss to the Titans on Thursday.

The 30-year-old has made the easy throws but whiffed on too many that would have changed games, and there is plenty of wonder if this is his final season in San Francisco.