Giants’ searches, Yankees’ needs and more

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So great to hear from so many of you the last few days. Let’s get right to the discussion in our first-ever edition of Vac’s Mail Sack …

Saw something about it in the Post … and maybe I’m too close to the details, but the Jets seem like a more injured team than any other. Not just stars, but role players. Is it risks we take with injury prone free agents (Carl Lawson) or just poor conditioning? Receiving corps, safeties, line, all of it. Conditioning? Draft prep? Bad luck? Or I’m wrong and every team has the same issue. – Marc Metrick

VAC: There’s no question that there’s an element of bad luck attached to this. Lawson was killing it in training camp and in an instant was gone with a freak injury. All teams have injuries, it’s true, but some of the Jets’ problems – the slow recovery of Mekhi Becton, for one – do make you wonder if they need to re-evaluate how they do business in the training room.

The Giants should go hire Brian Flores and keep Patrick Graham now. Who says the GM has to hire the coach? Any GM would be happy with that pair. Get the best now. GM can wait. Next GM hire will take way too long. All best coaches and coach staff will be gone. – Chuck Chesler