Chaim Bloom Talks Red Sox Offseason

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The voters have made up their mind. Scott Rolen is headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. He will join Fred McGriff in Cooperstown.

Rolen getting in and the voting process was a big topic of discussion this week on “The Show” podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman.

Their guest this week was Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom.

“The Show” Podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman:

  • HALL OF FAME VOTE: Scott Rolen gets in by five votes. Todd Helton falls short by 11. The guys debate who deserves to get in and who may not. They break down the process of voting and what can be fixed.

Chaim Bloom Interview:
Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer

  • 2022 STRUGGLES/2023 OUTLOOK: Some moves they have hit on. Some they would like to do over. Results are what matter. They have a lot of talent and a team that will fit together better than last year. They have the ability to make the playoffs this year.
  • OFFSEASON: Some players just chose other places. They were in on a lot of free agents. Any regrets with the Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts situations? Felt the Betts trade helped them win in 2021.
  • DEVERS DEAL: So much give and take in negotiations. Glad they were able to find a path to get a deal done that worked for everybody.
  • CRITICISM: Reacting to criticism you get in Boston. We will be harder on ourselves than anyone will be on us. It’s nice to see how much it matters.


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