Carson Palmer concerned with Kyler Murray ‘leadership deficiencies’

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals were riding high early in the season. Since they’ve hit a skid, a former Pro Bowl quarterback for the team has some concerns with Murray’s leadership.

Appearing on the “Dave Pasch Podcast,” Carson Palmer answered a question about if he felt the Cardinals could salvage their recent slide and still make a deep playoff run.

“The thing that concerns me is some of the leadership deficiencies that I have seen,” Palmer said. “Some of the body language that I have seen from Kyler. When you are down in Detroit, even though you are faking it, you need to keep a rah rah face on. There’s just certain things you need to do as a quarterback that he’s still young, he’s still learning, he’s still working his way through.”

The Cardinals started 7-0 this season but have since gone 3-4. This past week’s loss to the Lions — the Cardinals were double-digit favorites, but lost 30-12 — was alarming for the direction of the team.

Kyler Murray drops back to pass against the Lions
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Nonetheless, Palmer does not think that the season is unsalvageable.

“I don’t think the season is lost,” Palmer said. “I don’t think the season is over. I think everything’s out in front of them. I think they need to totally adjust the way they go about the next handful of weeks because DeAndre [Hopkins] was such a big part of their offense.

Carson Palmer speaks during his induction into the Cardinals' Ring of Honor
Carson Palmer speaks during his induction into the Cardinals’ Ring of Honor
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“Now that you know he is not coming back, now that you know he will be on the sideline in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, that just changes your mentality from a quarterback standpoint. That changes your mentality from a play caller standpoint. That changes your confidence in that offensive huddle. There’s a guy in that huddle that can just flat out win a game and when you take DeAndre, that guy, out of the huddle, it changes the dynamics of the huddle.”

Palmer played quarterback for the Cardinals from 2013-17. In 2015, he led the league in yards per attempt and QBR as the team went 13-3 and reached the NFC championship game.