Braxton Berrios goes ‘full Rudolph’ to celebrate big Jets day

He was wearing a green and white Jets Santa hat over his brown and white outfit. 

“It’s a full Rudolph,” Braxton Berrios said over Zoom after Jets 26, Jaguars 21, “but then I didn’t want to put the hoodie on, and I also had this Jets Santa hat handy, so it’s kinda both. It’s Christmas, Merry Christmas you guys.” 

The Post’s Brian Costello wanted to know if it was a onesie. 

“Full onesie,” Berrios said. “I had to step into it.” 

Such are the spoils of victory. 

“It was stashed away in my bag, obviously,” Berrios said. “If the game went the other way, it was never gonna be shown the light.” 

Braxton Berrios gave the Jets the lead with a 102-yard kickoff return touchdown.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

It was Berrios who provided the light with an electric 102-yard kickoff return, the Jets’ first kickoff return for a touchdown since 2018, to give them a 13-9 lead. 

“It felt great to finally finish one this season, obviously,” Berrios said. “The other 10 guys did an incredible job. We had the kicker to beat, and once we beat him, we were out of the gate.” 

With the Jets’ three top receivers sidelined, Berrios (5-37) was summoned to pick up the slack. 

“Obviously I was gonna be in a little bit more with everybody down. … It was all about resilience and next man up. Whoever’s on the field, go out there and make a play, and lucky enough, we made one more play than they did today.” 

His 11-yard catch on third-and-9 on the field-goal drive that forced Trevor Lawrence and the Jags to need a touchdown was critical. 

“It was kind of a type of an in-route,” Berrios said. “He felt room, I felt room as well. As I was running it, I was pretty sure that he was gonna come to me, and obviously he did. He put it right on the money. He knew the safety was gonna be there, I did as well. That’s just one of those plays you gotta make.” 

Braxton Berrios reacts after converting a key third down late in the Jets’ 26-21 win over the Jaguars.
N.Y. Post Charles Wenzelberg, Jets

Berrios has developed an impressive chemistry with Zach Wilson. 

“I have to see it through his eyes,” Berrios said. “I know where the holes are, and so does he. And at the end of the day, it’s all about timing, and being in those places when he expects you to be in ’em, and that was kind of a great example of that.” 

The Jets need to sign this guy to an extension. They can’t allow him to leave in free agency. 

“I’m here. I’d love to be here,” Berrios reiterated, “but that’s something that’s down the road. We have two more games left and that’s where our focus is.”