Two Years After Infection, Half of People Hospitalized With COVID-19 Still Have at Least One Symptom

COVID Hospital Bed

Half of the patients who were admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 still have at least one symptom two years later. Study of 1,192 participants hospitalized with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, between January 7th and May 29th, 2020, followed up at six months, 12 months, and two years after discharge. Physical and mental health improved … Read more

Unique Quantum Material Could Enable Incredibly Powerful, Ultra-Compact Computers

Spintronic Computing Artistic Concept

Spintronic computing artistic concept illustration. Columbia University chemists and physicists find a link between tunable electronic and magnetic properties in a 2D semiconductor, with potential applications in spintronics, quantum computing, and fundamental research. Information in computers is transmitted through semiconductors by the movement of electrons and stored in the direction of the electron spin in … Read more

Crucial Link Found Between Arthritis, Serious Liver Disease and a Common Genetic Condition

Liver Disease Concept Illustration

Scientists have discovered that arthritis is a strong predictor for development of clinically important liver problems in people with Hemochromatosis. Edith Cowan University has identified key links between arthritis and the risk of serious liver disease in people with hemochromatosis. New Edith Cowan University (ECU) researchers have identified a crucial link between arthritis and the … Read more

Striking New Species of Snake Discovered in Paraguay – Previously Unknown to Science

Phalotris shawnella Snake 5

Phalotris shawnella. Credit: Jean-Paul Brouard A magnificent non-venomous snake, previously unknown to science, was discovered in Paraguay and described by researchers from the Paraguayan NGO Para La Tierra in collaboration with Guyra Paraguay and the Instituto de Investigación Biológica del Paraguay. The new snake species belongs to the genus Phalotris, which features 15 semi-subterranean species … Read more

Long-Hypothesized Next Generation “Wonder Material” Created for First Time

Layer of Graphyne Crystal Structure

The crystal structure of a layer of graphyne, not to be confused with graphene. Credit: Yiming Hu CU Boulder scientists have successfully synthesized graphyne, which has been theorized for decades but never successfully produced. For over a decade, scientists have attempted to synthesize a new form of carbon called graphyne with limited success. That endeavor … Read more

Hybrid Antimatter-Matter Atom Behaves in Unexpected Way

Hybrid Antimatter-Matter Atom Behaves in Unexpected Way

Antiprotonic helium atom suspended in liquid helium in the superfluid state. The antiproton is protected by the electron shell of the helium atom and so avoids immediate annihilation. Credit: Christoph Hohmann (LMU München / MCQST) A team of scientists at CERN led by MPQ physicist Masaki Hori discovered that a hybrid antimatter-matter atom behaves in … Read more

Reward Neurotransmitter Dopamine Involved in Recognizing Emotions

Human Brain Dopamine Consciousness Happiness Mystery Concept

According to new research, the neurotransmitter dopamine is involved in recognizing emotion. The reward neurotransmitter also contributes to social cognition. The neurotransmitter dopamine, famous for its role in reward, is also involved in recognizing emotions, according to new research published in JNeurosci, the Society for Neuroscience’s first journal. People with disrupted dopamine levels, such as … Read more