Astronomers Identify Unknown Class of Water-Rich Asteroids

Asteroids in Space

The asteroids are located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and are rich in water. Small planets are believed to have originated from the edges of our Solar System. Astronomers have made a groundbreaking discovery with the help of new infrared measurements. A team of international researchers, including geoscientists from Heidelberg University, has … Read more

Researchers Identify Cause of Mysterious Cases of Childhood Epilepsy

Epilepsy Brain Card

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by recurring seizures. Seizures are temporary disruptions of the electrical and chemical activity in the brain, leading to physical symptoms such as convulsions, muscle contractions, loss of consciousness, and changes in behavior. It is estimated to affect over 65 million people worldwide. International research teams have uncovered a new … Read more

The Secret Recipe for Limonoids

The Secret Recipe for Limonoids

The John Innes Centre research team used genomic tools to map the genome of Chinaberry (Melia azedarach), a mahogany species. Credit: John Innes Centre New research has revealed the secret of how plants make limonoids, a group of valuable organic chemicals. These chemicals, which include bee-friendly insecticides, have potential use as anti-cancer drugs. The John … Read more

Scientists Discover Surprising Similarities in Stone Tools of Early Humans and Monkeys

Scientists Discover Surprising Similarities in Stone Tools of Early Humans and Monkeys

Example of a long-tailed macaque using a stone tool to access food. Credit: Lydia V. Luncz Macaques unintentionally created stone fragments that bear a resemblance to some of the earliest stone artifacts crafted by early hominins. The study focuses on fresh analyses of stone tools employed by long-tailed macaques in Thailand’s Phang Nga National Park. … Read more

“Very High” Accuracy – Machine Learning Helps Separate Compostable From Conventional Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste Garbage

Researchers used highly sensitive imaging techniques and developed machine learning methods that can identify compostable plastics among conventional types. Researchers have created classification models that enable accurate and automated sorting of various types of plastics. The use of compostable plastics is increasing, and while they offer several benefits, these materials, such as wrappers and packaging, can … Read more

A Bold Solution to Combat Climate Change?

A Bold Solution to Combat Climate Change?

A dusty lunar landscape, as envisioned by NASA’s Advanced Concepts Laboratory. Credit: NASA On a cold winter day, the warmth of the sun is welcome. Yet as humanity emits more and more greenhouse gases, the Earth’satmosphere traps more and more of the sun’s energy and steadily increases the Earth’s temperature. One strategy for reversing this … Read more

Scientists Have Identified the Genetic Causes of Three Previously Unexplained Rare Diseases

Genetic Causes of Three Previously Unexplained Rare Diseases Identified

Daniel Greene, Ph.D., and colleagues used a computational approach to identify previously unknown genetic causes of three rare diseases: primary lymphedema, thoracic aortic aneurysm disease, and congenital deafness. In this microscopy image of cells, a mutated form of a protein called ERG, which is present in some lymphedema patients, is shown in green, while cell … Read more