Scientists Discover a New Ecosystem – “The Trapping Zone” – That Is Creating an Oasis of Life

Nekton Omega Seamaster II Submersible

Nekton Omega Seamaster II Submersible. Credit: Nekton Maldives Mission (c) Nekton 2022 The new ecosystem is located in the depths of the Indian Ocean. Researchers from the University of Oxford and the Nekton Maldives Mission have discovered evidence of an ecosystem known as “The Trapping Zone” that is creating an oasis of life 500 meters … Read more

Previously Undetected Hybrid Neutron-Star Merger Event Revealed by Unusual Gamma-Ray Burst

Previously Undetected Hybrid Neutron-Star Merger Event Revealed by Unusual Gamma-Ray Burst

As neutron stars collide, some of the debris blasts away in particle jets moving at nearly the speed of light, producing a brief burst of gamma rays. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab Modeling calls into question supernova origin, forcing a reconsideration of the prevailing view of gamma-ray-burst events. The standard view of gamma-ray … Read more

Researchers Use a Spice To Treat Cancer

Researchers Use a Spice To Treat Cancer

The high conversion rate of curcumin prodrug TBP1901 to curcumin in bone marrow warrants its clinical application for diseases growing in the marrow like multiple myeloma and leukemia. The natural polyphenol curcumin has shown promising efficacy with tumors in a number of preclinical models. Credit: KyotoU / Global Comms Prodrug curcumin displays clinical potential.  In … Read more

Earth’s Oldest Stromatolites and New Prospects for the Search for Life on Mars

Hand Sample of Dresser Formation Stromatolite

Hand sample of Dresser Formation stromatolite, showing a complex layered structure formed of hematite, barite, and quartz, and a domed upper surface (dome arrow). Credit: Keyron Hickman-Lewis and colleagues Advanced 2D-3D insights into Earth’s oldest stromatolites. The oldest morphological traces of life on Earth are sometimes very controversial, both because non-biological processes may generate relatively … Read more

Major New Clue to Better Understanding the Disease

Artists Illustration Cancer Cells

Cervical cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the cells of the cervix, the lowermost part of the uterus. As part of the biggest omics study of its type, researchers at the University College London and the University of Southampton discovered that cervical cancer may be separated into two different molecular subgroups, one … Read more

Construction Started on the Biggest Radio Observatory in Earth’s History – Could Uncover Early Signs of Life in the Universe

SKA at Night

SKA sites in Australia and South Africa at Night. Credit: SKAO Construction of the world’s biggest radio astronomy facility, the Square Kilometer Array Observatory (SKAO), began on December 4. The observatory is a global project 30 years in the making. With two huge two telescopes, one (low-frequency) in Australia and the other (mid-frequency) in South … Read more

Seismic Waves Reveal Surprising New Information About Mars

Seismic Waves Reveal Surprising New Information About Mars

Wavefield simulation on Mars. The first observation of surface waves on Mars reveals details of the planet’s crust. Kim et al., (2022) Science. Credit: ETH Zurich / Doyeon Kim, Martin van Driel, and Christian Boehm Researchers have observed seismic waves traveling throughout the surface of a planet other than Earth for the first time after … Read more

Scientists Test “Smart” Red Blood Cells

Testing a New Drug Delivery System

An illustration of the new drug delivery system. Credit: Ella Marushchenko The “smart” red blood cells deliver antibiotics that target specific bacteria. A natural delivery system that uses red blood cells as a vehicle to transport powerful antibiotics throughout the body safely has been developed by physicists at McMaster University. This method allows for the … Read more