Bone Formation Comes Down to the Nanowire

Cell Cultured Nanowire Scaffold

A cell cultured on top of the nanowire scaffold. Credit: © 2022 KAUST; Heno Hwang New nanotechnology that accelerates the transition of stem cells into bone could transform regenerative medicine. A nanotechnology platform developed by King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) scientists could lead to new treatments for degenerative bone diseases. The technique … Read more

NASA Restores Contact With CAPSTONE Spacecraft – Prepares for Trajectory Correction Maneuver

CAPSTONE Mission to Moon Animation

By NASA July 6, 2022 The Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment, or CAPSTONE, is a CubeSat that will fly a unique orbit around the Moon intended for NASA’s future Artemis lunar outpost Gateway. Its six-month mission will help launch a new era of deep space exploration. Credit: NASA Ames Research Center … Read more

What Do Tornadoes Look Like on the Inside?

Tornado Strikes Farm

Tornadoes create very violent and dangerous conditions on the ground. What do tornadoes look like on the inside? It’s a good question, but scientists really don’t know the answer. There are no visual observations from inside of a tornado since these storms create extremely violent and hazardous ground conditions. If we placed cameras in the … Read more

How Tumors Convince Cells To “Go Bad”

White Blood Cells Attacking Cancer

The researchers discovered that tumors can “recruit” immune cells, switching them from tumor-attacking to tumor-promoting. Soft-tissue sarcomas alter the biology of immune cells around tumors, promoting tumor development Cedars-Sinai Medical Center researchers have found that cancerous tumors known as soft-tissue sarcomas release a protein that causes immune cells to change their behavior from tumor-attacking to tumor-promoting. … Read more

How the Brain Stops Us From Jumping the Gun

Sprinters Race Starting Block

How does the brain suppress the urge to act, such as waiting for the starter pistol to leap out of the starter blocks? Suppressing the urge to act until the time is right is a crucial, often overlooked, aspect of behavior. Just think about what might happen if you pressed the gas before the traffic … Read more

The Best Berry for Brain Health

Assorted Berries Close Up

Berries are nutritious and considered beneficial for health, including brain health. Just after climbing the stairs, you walk into a room and scour the walls with your eyes. You pause and think, “what did I come in here for?” It happens to all of us and is a subtle reminder of our declining brain function … Read more

Doctors Warn of Vitamin D Supplement “Overdosing” – Man Hospitalized After Losing 28 Pounds

Vitamin D Softgel Supplements Bottle

Doctors warn that ‘Overdosing’ on vitamin D supplements is both possible and harmful. ‘Hypervitaminosis D’ is on the rise and linked to a wide range of potentially serious health issues. Doctors are warning that ‘Overdosing’ on vitamin D supplements is both possible and harmful after they treated a man who needed hospital admission for his … Read more

A New Yale-Developed Model Could Lead to Improved Treatment of Diabetes and Obesity

Human Body Genetics

Researchers believe that the model could lead to improved knowledge and treatment of metabolic diseases. A new model that will allow scientists to better study and treat metabolic illnesses Despite the fact that insulin was discovered more than a century ago, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver continue to affect the majority … Read more

Scientists Have Found a Promising Anti-Cancer Molecule

Antibodies Attacking Coronavirus Virus Cell

The biomolecular mechanism behind the molecule is the suppression of an enzyme that is overproduced in various forms of cancer. Researchers have identified a molecule with enhanced antiproliferative activity in cancer cells Vitamin D3 performs critical biological tasks such as maintaining bone mineral density, which reduces the risk of bone fracture. However, vitamin D3 is … Read more