Why Tom Hanks loves crashing weddings: ‘It’s my ego unchecked’

Move over Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, Tom Hanks might have you beat.

The 65-year-old dished his passion for wedding crashing on “Late Night” with Seth Meyers Tuesday, where the show’s host hyped him as a “man of many hats.”

Namely, whether he’s “invited or not,” Hanks is a professional wedding-photo-bomber of sorts.

The beloved — but recently controversial — film legend revealed his extreme nuptials hobby while appearing as a guest to promote his role in the biopic “Elvis,” featuring Austin Butler, 30, as the late music legend.

“It’s my ego, unchecked,” said Hanks. “I just can’t help but think, ‘What would these people like more than anything else to remember this magic day of days? Oh I know, me!’ ”

Of course, Meyers, 49, screened a montage of Hank’s best wedding crasher moments, with some dating back to the early 2000s — and a few even taking place internationally.

Tom Hanks crashed Diciembre and Tashia Farries’ 2021 wedding in Santa Monica.

Most notably, when in Rome filming “Angels and Demons,” Hanks accidentally crashed a ceremony – which he called a necessity – because the Pantheon was booked by a wedding the same day they were filming.

“This limousine pulled up, and it was the bride and the groom trying to ‘get me to the church on time,’” Hanks said, singing the last phrase. “And they couldn’t do it because we had all this stuff going on. It was like, ‘Uh, how do we fix this?’ So, like a stalker, you know, ‘Hey miss, miss, miss!’ — I knocked on the window, I said ‘Hey listen, we have a thing, but would you do me the honor of escorting you to your bridal altar?’ So we did it!”

But that was only the beginning. Meyers brought up a recent photo featuring Hanks photobombing a bridal party.

Hanks posed for photos with a newlywed couple in Central Park in 2016.
Hanks posed for photos with a newlywed couple in Central Park in 2016. As photographer Meg Miller captured on Instagram, the casually dressed “Elvis” star greeted bride Elisabeth and groom Ryan to offer his well wishes.

“Rita and I, we were going out for a walk somewhere on our day off, and just as we were getting to our car, this wedding party was coming out to get into the biggest cocktail booze cruise bus I had ever seen,” he said. “I mean look, there’s like 47 — there are less Pittsburgh Steelers than there are bridesmaids in this photograph. And we said, ‘Oh it looks like, oh, the matching dresses, it must be bridesmaids! Well if the bride comes out I’d jump out and take a picture.’ Well, she shows up, so yes, I crashed their wedding photo.”

Tom Hanks
Hanks, who recently starred as Mister Rogers in “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” is now playing Tom Parker in the upcoming biopic “Elvis.”
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Tom Hanks and Seth Meyers
While on the show, Meyers brought up photos of Hanks officiating weddings and photobombing bridal parties.
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When Meyers pulled up another photo of Hanks marrying a couple, the actor ensured not all ceremony cameos were unwanted – in fact, he was officiating fans at their request as a ordained minister.

Hanks is starring in the upcoming biopic about Elvis Presley titled “Elvis,” in which he plays the famed musician’s manager Tom Parker. “Elvis,” directed by Buz Luhrman, is slated to premiere on Friday.

Seth Meyers and Tom Hanks
While he appeared to promote his role in “Elvis,” which also stars Austin Butler, Hanks got to chatting about his other hobbies.
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Tom Hanks and Seth Meyers
Hanks was recently the center of controversy after swearing at a fan who nearly knocked over his wife.
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