Watch Hilary Duff Recreate 2008 “That’s So Gay” Commercial

This is what dreams are made of. 

Hilary Duff let the rain fall down by making a delightful callback to her iconic anti-gay bulling commercial from 2008 in a new TikTok. And helping her to recreate the beloved clip, were Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying and his fiancé, Mark Manio.

The Sept. 22 video uses the original audio from the PSA which features two teenagers trying on tops in a clothing store, and using the word “gay” in a derogatory way, Lizzie McGuire steps in to educate the pair.

“Do you like this top?” Scott lip-syncs at the start of the clip, with Mark responding, “It’s so gay. Yeah, it’s totally gay.”

That’s when Hilary interrupts to school the duo. 

“You know, you really shouldn’t say that,” she says. “Saying that something’s gay when you mean it’s bad, it’s insulting.”