This Queer Eye Season 6 Sneak Peek Couldn’t Be Sweeter

A sweet sneak peek.

In this exclusive clip from Queer Eye‘s sixth season, premiering Dec. 31 on Netflix, the Fab Five try some delicious donuts at an Austin-based dessert shop called OMG Squee. The visit starts off hilariously, with Jonathan Van Ness requesting a chance to double-fist some donuts. 

“All I’m thinking about, all I’m ever gonna think about,” JVN notes in a confessional, “lemon donuts over lemon donuts for more lemon donuts.”

Karamo, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski and Tan France join in on the taste test, and soon Karamo and Tan find themselves experiencing quite the sugar rush. “I love these donuts,” Karamo sings while dancing around. “I’m on a sugar high! I’m on a sugar high!”

Tan then begins to do the running-man dance, which is a TV moment we didn’t know we needed. “This is why you don’t give your kids sugar,” a happy Karamo adds, joking that the situation is his “mother’s nightmare.”