The Matrix Resurrections Ending Explained: Decoding the Climax to Keanu Reeves’ Sci-Fi Film and How it Sets up Sequels! (SPOILER ALERT)

The Matrix Resurrections is out and after watching it the movie has just left us with more questions than ever. Keanu Reeves steps back into the role of Neo/Thomas Anderson, the role that made him an action prospect. The Matrix Resurrections tells the story of Neo being pulled out of the Matrix to fight a new enemy with a bunch of rebels. The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review: Keanu Reeves’ Fourth Film in the Sci-Fi Franchise Is a Disappointingly Forgettable Outing (The Hamden Journal Exclusive).

Like the title suggests, it is basically a resurrection of some characters. For example you see Neo die at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, but over here he is alive and trying to be pulled out from the Matrix. The film ends on a very weird note where you don’t exactly know where the franchise will go from. It might also leave viewers confused guessing as to what exactly they watched. So if you want answers about what exactly happens at the end of The Matrix Resurrections, then you have come to the right place. Here is the ending of The Matrix Resurrections explained.


After being ambushed, Neo and Trinity run off the edge of the building with Neo expecting to be able to fly. But both of them end up starting to fall. Neo then stops falling and looks up in shock as he realises that Trinity has learned the ability to fly. They fly away and then regain control of the Matrix. Neo and Trinity then pay the Analyst a visit. Trinity beats him up a bit and then tells him to stay off the Matrix and not interfere with it. They promise him that if he does interfere again, he will face dire consequences and that they are going to try and rebuild the Matrix in a better way. Both of them then fly off into the sky as the credits start rolling. The Matrix Resurrections: Here’s What Priyanka Chopra and Purab Kohli are Doing in Keanu Reeves-Starrer (SPOILER ALERT).

This was a more open ended ending than I expected. I expected the movie to give a definitive ending and probably cap off The Matrix franchise. It definitely does look like there are more films on the way. With Neil Patrick Harris’ Analyst still alive, he may bring the fight to Neo and Trinity since he still does want to be in control of the Matrix. Maybe future films explore that or they don’t, we don’t know. Honestly I would prefer they end the series over here.

The Matrix Resurrections is out in cinemas right now.

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